Spend Your Next Family Holiday In Canada

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Canada is a great place for family holidays as there a huge range of fantastic things you can do together and some which you may want to do separately or only a few of you at a time. If you want to go to more scenic, peaceful places which are great for taking pictures then you should visit places such as the Rocky Mountains, The Canadian Rockies and Jasper National Park. However, if you want to go to places that the whole family can enjoy and have fun at then you should visit Canada’s Wonderland, Vancouver Aquarium and Mont Sainte-Anne which is great for skiing and other winter sports. Although if you decide that you would like to learn about the history of Canada then you should try visiting the National Gallery of Canada, The Art Gallery of Ontario and Distillery District.

There has been a slight change for when travelling to Canada. There have been no changes for if you are travelling there by land or sea but if you plan on travelling by air you must now obtain an ETA visa, this means electronic travel authorisation visa. This allows you to visit Canada for business, tourism and transit. To be able to obtain this visa you must have a valid passport, a credit card although other cards are accepted and an email. Also, you will be rejected if you have no fly orders or a criminal record for the safety of Canada’s border as this must be protected. This visa provides you with easier and quicker travel. This must be printed and ready for when you are boarding your flight to stop there from being any issues when it comes to travelling. All air passengers who are travelling from visa free countries must have one of these visas; this includes children and nationals from lots of countries such as Britain, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland and Spain. It will last for five years and if you plan on travelling to Canada again during these five years, as long as the visa and your passport are valid you will not have to reapply. You can apply for this online as it online takes a few minutes; when applying you needs to make sure that you have your card and passport ready with you. This is generally approved immediately or at least in a small period of time to avoid any inconvenience.

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